Fiji Trip

An Italian, a South American and an Australian walk into bar … repeatedly. I had a work trip to Fiji with two engineers so I’ve been busy of late.

Press Container

That is two units of a five colour press, to get it  there you need to drag it with the small forklift so the the big fork can lift it out take it in and put it down.

Some one had installed a bindery line the trimmer is meant to be level.

Trimmer Level

How unlevel? It rocked, it was resting on three points not four! Oh and that level is for the press, each division is .02mm of height out over a one meter, accuracy counts ;)

You don’t want to be a spirit drinker in Fiji.

Bottle Shop

Exchange rate was such that $A value was two thirds, so sixty dollars basic bourbon. It was a good trip and I won plane lotto on the way back, two empty seats next to me and free beer (on a Virgin flight no less) all the way home!






Yeah Right

I received this in the mail.


… and went bullshit! Not that it’s from the Government set off the detectors, look at what is listed … a Ferengi would see it right off … no profit and these are privately owned firms, so they have to be making money (especially with the price of electricity). So this then casts doubt on the whole thing, their figures can’t be relied upon.


Knife Sharpening

Well the first thing you’ll need is a sharpening stone.

I like these stones for starting with, they have two different grades, coarse and medium and they’re cheap (these cost A$3). Which is a good thing as they wear out, especially if you have to sharpen very blunt knives often (which I do as mine get touched up frequently but everyone else doesn’t want to bother me so I get very blunt knives to sharpen). Ideally you’ll want another stone that is very fine, this one will last (mine came from my great grandmother’s place) so it’s worth spending money on a good stone.

Next you need lubrication or that stone will wear out quickly, you can use water but I prefer dishwashing liquid. Place the stone on a secure surface and provide lubrication. Start with the knife tip at the stone’s edge closest to you and push the blade along and across the stone so that with a small knife the entire blade has crossed the stone at a constant angle (a larger knife can be done in sections). This angle is easiest worked out with a sharp blade until you’re familiar with what the angle should be. Basically if the angle is too high the blade will dig in to the stone so move just back from that angle and you’ve got it right.

After one stroke on  one side repeat on the other side and continue swapping sides. Once you feel that grade of stone has done as much as it can you move onto the next grade of stone and repeat. The only reason to do one side more than the other is to even a blade out if some one has decided to sharpen one side first. Once sharpened it should cut a held piece of paper cleanly with no effort and no snags.

This how I sharpen blades some people prefer to work the blade in circles across the stone, each to their own.


Sometimes it pays to pay

I was having USB issues on the main computer (not surprising as I run a lot of stuff off USB), turns out it was the phone charging lead, the second cheap one to fail. The original, used pretty much every day is still going strong (fingers crossed), so I may have been better off with a genuine unit from the start. Well I’ve ordered another cheap one as the phone is due for replacement soon, but there’s still a nagging notion that I should have got genuine pricey lead. The genuine lead is used in the car everyday lots of movement, the failed lead sits on a desk in comfort. Time will tell.


Ceramic Knives

I’ve finally got my hands on a ceramic knife set. Colour me impressed, not as versatile as a steel blade, but for cutting duties brilliant. Very hard, very sharp, and breakable. I need to talk to the idiot nephew as he broke the large knife of the set I gave to my sister (Yes I told her your use only, and the younger nephew told him … Ah I see the problem).

The advantages are stain resistant, very hard and sharp and will stay that way, disadvantages brittleness and not suitable for cutting around bones and hard cutting or levering.

I got this one to try for work.


A visitor

I found this guy at the back door… I don’t mind but you may if have leg issues … mind you I wouldn’t pat him, Continue reading ‘A visitor’



Found this and decided to share.


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