Re Post

Weapons of Choice
Trade Paperback

pg12  Hellmouth
Buffy, Sunnydale High was built over the Hellmouth a source of evil

pg17  “I know nuffink!Naaarrffink!”
Hogan’s Heroes, Sgt Schulz  famous tagline (Actually spelled Schultz)

pg19  Postal
Pop Culture, a reference to US postal workers returning to work after being sacked (and committing mayhem)

pg21  The Kirk
Star Trek, ref Captain Kirk TOS

pg21  The big red button that doesn’t really do anything
Sci-Fi, most shows

pg26  Viv
Sport, Viv Richards

pg43  Posh
Pop Culture, one of the Spice Girls

pg55  Savo Island

pg76  Clancy, Cobb and Brown, Matt Reilly
Action/Thriller authors Cobb Unknown

pg78  Snellgrove,Palfreyman, Paterson, Sessions and Nix
1,2,3,4-publisher (Birmo), 2-?, 3-?, 4-?, 5-Garth Nix-author

pg150 “Combat Intelligences. Computers. Machines that think. They help us run our ships, our whole society actually.”
Comment on the society that existed in 2021

pg314 Big Itchy
Simpsons? Itchy and Scratchy, Sydney criminal 1940’s (Birmo)

pg336 Tonne
Metric, should be imperial ton as Buster is American

pg378 Bokken
Explanation- wooden Japanese training sword typically fashioned in the form of a katana (Japanese long sword)

pg392 Arak
Explanation- Rice wine/spirit

pg424 Sheehan, Barnes
Birmos mates (Birmo)

pg429 “I know he’d make a good politician” President Roosevelt re Kolhammer
Hinting at Kolhammer’s future?

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