Time To Wait, Again

Well the blood test was done Wednesday morning, fasted for it … didn’t need to fast of course. This afternoon I did the MRI … anyone know how to read the output? I don’t … well not yet there’s time to look online the next appointment is Christmas Eve (just the way to put Jesus Christ into Christmas). I did call in and have a note put in that I’d fill a cancellation happily.

I started the tablets today, it’s to soon I believe for them to have an effect but I feel better and the hand seems better (very subject to interpretation that) so hooray for the placebo effect.

Still another AFD, do I want beer yes do I need a beer no. This is something that most people just don’t get especially Doctors. I’m not an alcoholic (not just because I don’t got the meetings). I like drinking, I prefer to drink but I don’t have to drink. Do I drink to much yes but I’ll just have to cut down the days and follow the liver tests as to what is happening. As I’ve said it’s one of my pleasures in life and I intend to enjoy it.


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