I guess I should note my symptoms. The first I noted was the lack of arm swing in the left arm when I was walking. Odd I thought need to look into that, considering how long it takes to get things looked in to in medicine if I had jumped straight in I’d be no better off. Really the first symptom was pain most of what I thought and was diagnosed as gout was Parkininsons. Obviously the tremors the left hand has (far more than the right) may be alcohol, may be Parkinsons, may be both time, drugs and abstinence will tell.

I haven’t loss my sense of smell it’s just mostly gone, I miss it. The mental hit is the worst I did a course after trade school “Electrical Motor Control” my circuit design was adopted by the teacher, I now struggle with it. Parkinsons won’t kill you … well it’ll take away my physical ability, it already has reduced my mental ability, but it will be the I that  is me won’t be there so yes it will kill me.


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