I was very lucky to win four tickets and accommodation to Meredith from 3RRR Radiothon. So on Friday I picked up the BiL and headed off to the Festival, via the scenic route of course with a car full of booze and food. You would think that a festival that allowed this would have problems with people’s behaviour. Not at all, even moving through the crowd people were polite and considerate. Yes people were drunk but well behaved. How well? I barely saw the Police and didn’t see any security. The No Dickhead policy works well.

Accommodation was at the Rochestor in tents, and on arrival we were greeted by some lovely Geishas bearing our welcoming gift bag and drink and we soon had our camp set up and drinks inhand. Soon we were joined by Ben and Steve. I think it’d be very hard to go back without staying there.

The bands were fantastic, especially considering that the BiL only knew the Painters and Dockers. We didn’t spend all our time at the stage as you got to hear back in camp really well and the volume was far more pleasant (and the drinks were handier, Steve very kindly carried some drinks for us at the stage).

The food court was wonderful, especially the Community Tucker Tent, next time I’d consider not taking food as the food and prices were really good.

I shared out some Cherry Bourbon and Honey Bourbon to very favourable responses, I had planned ahead and had plastic shot glasses. We got through the supply of bourbons but not the glasses. We even had beer left!

We left late morning on Sunday after checking our BAC which were available at the Helpers Huts. I was .044 so the BiL got to drive home. I’d hate to see what it’s like later when so many people tried to leave. Still considering the organisation that was shown it’d be as smooth as such a thing could be.

The only off note is I think the BiL has a clue that things aren’t good.


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