Check In

I get a call from the parents pretty much every day. There are several reasons, one of which is not to make sure I’ve not done something stupid. It’s to let me know they are there for me and thinking of me, make sure I’m mobile and don’t need anything and to just have contact with people as I live by myself.

I’ve been upping my dose of Madopar to deal with my calves tightening up at night and damaging my foot, so I tried the other way still with the agonist but none at all. No real change so I’m going with a reduced dose which seems better. When I first started on Madopar it helped with the tremor but that stopped after six months or so. Now being on Febfast and having stopped drinking on and off before hand, there is only a slight tremor on occasion.

I know I’ve been a bit depressed for a few months, I’m starting to know the signs. Lack of engagement in social media, lack of interest in doing things and a tendency to re-read books I’ve already read instead of something new. I’m definitely feeling better now.


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